Former Mayor’s $1 Billion Gambling Spree Blamed on Grief and Brain Tumor

Previous San Diego city hall leader’s Maureen O’ConnorIn February 2013, a previous San Diego chairman’s skeleton in the closet became public: she was dependent on betting. Maureen O’Connorwas so seriously dependent on betting, indeed, that she went through nine years and $1 billion dollars playing apollo pg video poker and different games at gambling clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and her old neighborhood, San Diego. Toward the finish of her $1 billion betting binge, O’Connor lost somewhere near $13 million, albeit the specific sum is hard to find, as per government investigators.

The previous civic chairman, who had collected generous abundance because of her late spouse Robert Peterson’s Jack-in-the-Box cheap food realm, faults her crazy propensity and related crime on abrain growth for which she had a medical procedure in 2011. Her lawyer likewise asserted that her unlawful and ridiculous practices were brought about by a mental marvel known as “anguish betting”.


O’Connor’s concern may never have become known if not for the way that, as well as betting and losing excessive measures of her own cash, she abused cash that wasn’t really hers and utilized it for gaming purposes (read more comparable stories). O’Connor confesses to siphoning $2 million out of her late spouse’s cause association, the R.P. Establishment, to support her propensity, in spite of the fact that she guarantees that she generally expected to repay the cash. O’Connor’s burglaries depleted her late spouse’s establishment, which once helped serve neighborhood San Diego good cause like hospices and halfway houses. The R.P. Establishment, presently outdated, had been in activity beginning around 1966.

Mind Tumor Blamed

O’Connor got a medical procedure for a cerebrum cancer in 2011. She guarantees that the cancer contrarily influenced her judgment and conduct, making her bet imprudently and carry out the shocking wrongdoing of laundering noble cause cash.

Dr. Imprint Norman, a UC San Diego teacher of neuropsychiatry, has said that despite the fact that there is no straightforward connection between’s mind cancers and betting, there can be a relationship between’s cerebrum growths, obstructed judgment, and dangerous practices. The results of a cerebrum cancer significantly rely on where the growth is situated in the mind, how huge the growth is, and regardless of whether the growth can be securely taken out without harming other touchy intellectual regions.

Likewise Cited: Grief Gambling

Notwithstanding the cerebrum cancer excuse, O’Connor’s lawyer accused her wrongdoing, basically to some extent, on a wonder called “anguish betting.” Grief betting is a type of issue betting. It is an undesirable way of dealing with stress which happens when an individual who can’t handle distress goes to the gambling club or other cash betting games for solace. O’Connor lost her better half, Peterson, in 1994 and a line of other friends and family after that. Her lawyer said that the pressure of her misfortunes was excessively overpowering to the point that she went to gambling club games, rather than better methods for dealing with stress, to alleviate her enthusiastic throbs.

What is Grief Gambling?

Anguish betting (abstain from managing deplorable pain)Grief betting is a truly mental marvel that can end up peopling who aren’t adapting admirably to misfortunes. It regularly happens in old grown-ups who have experienced a bigger number of misfortunes than the normal more youthful individual. It is an aversion strategy which permits an individual who has encountered misfortune to try not to bargain withunbearable torment. Individuals profoundly settled in misery betting are supposed to be willfully ignorant of their concerns.

This social issue isn’t simply an issue of an individual choosing to go to the club and blow a bundle cash; it has a natural premise. At the point when individuals bet and win, dopamine is delivered inside the mind. Dopamine is a mind-set sponsor. It is likewise a characteristic pain reliever which, when animated improperly, can frame a transitory bandage over more profound issues. The condition of sorrow betting is particularly tricky on the grounds that gaming is a socially acknowledged hobby, one that isn’t directed by specialists and should even be possible inside the protection of a home, before a PC screen.

A Break In Character

Associates of O’Connor gave character observer that she isn’t the kind of individual to perpetrate such unscrupulous violations. The previous civic chairman, some of the time called a “prude”, would apparently become intoxicated on only a couple of tastes of champagne. Her most prominent known bad habit, before this enslavement became exposed, was that during her stretch as chairman she would once in a while get away from City Hall to watch films.

O’Connor’s Plea Deal

O’Connor argued not blameworthy in government court to the wrongdoing of abusing assets from her late spouse’s cause. She confessed to taking the cash, however pinned her slips up on the cerebrum cancer and mental despondency betting, saying she was a survivor of her conditions. She added that she generally expected to take care of the cash to the establishment, and still does.

In return for her supplication, O’Connor’s last judgment was conceded for quite a long time. Meanwhile, as indicated by court archives, the 66-year-old should take care of the $2 million owed to the R.P. Establishment and should likewise look for treatment for her enslavement.

Pundits: O’Connor Received A Soft Punishment

Pundits of the O’Connor supplication bargain say that normal residents, the people who are not previous city hall leaders or the enduring spouses of rich business investors, would not get such particular treatment in a courtroom. They say that robbery is burglary, and that O’Connor got a delicate sentence because of her personality. This contention has been utilized against different legislators and VIPs who carry out violations also; pundits say the O’Connor story is simply one more occurrence of a special individual being safeguarded from the real factors of this present reality.

Supporters: O’Connor Deserves Compassion

O’Connor supporters would contend that the previous city hall leader was a survivor of mental injury anddopamine compulsion, and that she ought to get the opportunity to make up for herself prior to going to prison. They would say that O’Connor succumbed to the indecencies of compulsion and the aggravation of sorrow, and that she ought to be restored notwithstanding the greatness of monetary misfortune she caused the R.P. Establishment and the city of San Diego.

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